2018.06,KHNP Q-Supplier QA System Inspection by KHNP QA Inspector
2017.11,TT(Technical Transfer)contract with KORAD (Ground water modelling and radioactive waste transport)
2015.12, KoFONS–EQ testing lab’s accreditation assessor
2015.11, PONUTECH QA registration (currently SOOSAN industry)
2015.09, the registration of R&D business
2015.07, Quality System Inspection for radioactive waste disposal by KORAD
, UAE regulator FANR TSO registration for site walkdown and inspection
2015.01, KAERI-Family
, KENCA registration (electric/electronic)
2014.11, the registration of R&D business
2014.02, the registration of software enterpriser
2013. 11. 27, MIRAE-EN Co., Ltd. engineering company