KETEP project - Development of Commercial Technology Development Strategy in the Decommissioning of Heavy Water Reactor with Dankook University, SungJin Nuclear Engineering Co. Ltd.,  MIRAEEN Co., Ltd. and KINECTRICS in Canada. 

Description :

- Establishment of technology base for safe and economical decommissioning of Wolsong Unit 1, which will be on operation in 2022

- To revitalize the local economy and to enter into the global heavy water reactor nuclear decommissioning market through the dismantling of Wolsong No. 1

- Provide public and local residents with a positive message about the construction of nuclear power plants by securing life cycle technology of heavy water reactors.​


KETEP project - Radioactive Waste Tracking System for Nuclear Power Plants Decommissioning and Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities (NRNF) 

Description :

This project will be conducted for 4 years(2018~ 2021) organized by KETEP, and MIRAEEN Co., Ltd. and Chosun university participate in. The objective of this project is to develop the Waste Tracking System (WTS) for radioactive wastes generated from Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning and from other Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities (NRNFs). This would be a solid basis for integrated and comprehensive national electronic system for handling  the radioactive wastes from  generation through delivery  in order to provide the transparency and safety of radioactive wastes management.

Development of Management and Radioactivity Measurement System of Standard/Non-Standard Radioactive Waste for Reduction of Very Low Level Radioactive Waste     

Description :

This project is organized by ORBITECH Co., Ltd. for four years, developing the waste reduction technologies by employing the accurate Radioactive activity measurement and its facilities. In this project MIRAE-EN Co., Ltd. plays a role of supporting the ISO standardization for the selected technical items.

The development of Non-Acid decontamination equipment and technology

Description :

This project is organized by KNFC and sponsored by government to develop the process and equipment for Non-Acid decontamination that could be applied for Fukushima and preventive environmental defense and decommission of nuclear power plants life is expired. In this project we’ll write the standard for container for contaminated materials and Non-Acid decontamination process and technology.

The development of integrated test environment for SMART simulator

Description :

This is project sponsored by government. For many years, SMART design has been conducted gradually, in the course of designing the SMART, the design should be verified by simulation in consideration of that there is no reference plan for SMART. Thus with the help of simulator engine from each system such as fuel, hydraulic, core and BOP(Balance of plant), we develop IS (instructor Station) and integrate all of software modules, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) including software and hardware (switch series) action for verification of SMART design and training for operator.

Nuclear Power Plants - Instrumentation and control important to safety - Recommended Guideline for Commercial Grade Item Dedication(CGID) for Instrumentation and Control System

Description :

This Project is sponsored by government to develop the standardization of the Commercial Grade Item Dedication (CGID) for Instrumentation and Control System. In this project we’ll write the standard for recommended guideline of CGID for hardware equipment and for recommended guideline of software verification and validation for hardware equipment that include software and/or firmware.